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All Special Finance Auto Leads are Backed by Cyberlead's 100% Quality Guarantee

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Our tried and true lead generation practice allows us to provide the best special finance leads exclusive to just your dealership. Buy subprime auto leads and get started selling today.

SEO & Marketing

Dozens of websites and marketing tactics performed to create the best subprime leads in the industry. Our methods continue to change with the ever changing environment of internet marketing.


Call Center Verified Automotive Leads

Our in house staff continually spot checks the special finance leads to be sure pertinent information is accurate and meets your dealership standards for the type of leads you signed up for.

Never Resold

Your subprime auto leads come in real-time and are delivered directly to you. We do not resell them to other dealerships or 3rd parties.

“I love the service you receive. The leads are great quality and they will follow up with customers, where other leads sources leave you to do all the work. If there is a problem with a lead, they will work with you to correct the issue. I love my rep and he is always available to assist me with any issue. If you are looking for quality leads and service, look no further for your Subprime market source leads.”

Jeff Roberts

Senior Sales Executive (Google Review)

Special Finance car Dealership

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Car Sales Leads from People That Need You!

One of the challenges for auto showrooms and dealerships is to find car shoppers! We provide a tightly targeted way of accessing auto dealer leads from potentially more customers who are actively looking for a car, but are concerned they do not have a sufficiently strong credit rating to obtain one. We provide auto lead generation for car dealers, forwarding them subprime auto leads from individuals who are looking for suitable finance, but are afraid that they will not be approved. We carefully match dealership leads with dealerships, providing lead generation for car salesmen that have a high conversion rate.

Automotive Industry Sales Leads from Customers Who Want a Car Now!

As established auto lead generators, we operate a diverse network of web sites which are designed to attract car buyers needing access to subprime lending. We advertise widely, inviting people who are worried about obtaining the auto financing they need to let us help them, by putting them in touch with you! We forward these details on to our clients, enabling them to offer the support necessary to provide people with the affordable finance they need. As an automotive lead generation agency, we are committed to generate leads for auto finance companies with the contacts they need to sell their products through a finance deal.

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