Subprime Auto Lending: Dealerships and the Changing Economy

Toy car on top of car salesmen envelope.

Consumers are more confident in the economy than almost ever before. The Consumer Confidence index hit an 18-year high in September 2018. More people indicated they felt the economic outlook was good. In this environment, some people have suggested the end is near for subprime car loans. Others see them as a key factor in economic growth. […]

4 Car Sale Promotion Ideas That Work for Any Occasion

Excited Women with Megaphone

Do you find yourself staring at your computer keyboard wondering how you’re going to make the marketing goals you set at the beginning of the quarter? Do you see a handful of customers straggling into the dealership from time to time throughout the day, but you don’t see the steady stream of customers and sales […]

The Ultimate Lead Generation Guide for Car Salesmen and Dealerships

Lead Generation Guide For Car Salesmen & Dealership Graphic

There were positive car sales trends in the first half of 2018. But just like any industry, the auto sales industry is subject to economic factors, global trade, consumer confidence, and disruptive technologies. At the end of summer 2018, analysts raised their seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) forecast from 16.5 million units sold to 16.8 million. That’s […]

5 Car Sales Techniques for Maximum Profit

Happy Couple in Car Dealership with Car Salesmen

Car sales for 2017 are almost twice that of eight years ago, clocking in at over 17 million units. Rebounding from the financial crisis is resulting in higher revenue than pre-crisis years. Maximizing on the surge takes careful attention at every lot. Dealers or managers cannot do so without maximizing their people first. Hiring and […]

Make the Most of the Summer to Promote Your Dealership

Summertime picture of beach and ocean.

When most people think about the summer they think about adventure and fun. It’s a more laid back time filled with family vacations, barbecues, days at the beach and relaxation.  While many potential customers are in a more positive state of mind during the summer months, it’s your job to answer one question for potential […]

How Social Media Can Give a Marketing Advantage to Your Dealership

12 of the top social media icons

If a dealership is not effectively utilizing social media to promote their business, reach potential customers and increase sales, they will continue to lag behind more progressive dealerships and businesses that are reaping the benefits of this free form of advertising! A recent article on the benefits of social media on explains, “With the […]

Valuable Consumer Insight for Car Dealers

Informative image describing valuable consumer insights for car dealers

At the end of 2017, compiled an Annual Car Buyer Insights Report that captured key buyer, dealer and consumer information for the automotive industry. Dealers and consumers were surveyed, data was collected and the report was compiled to give automotive dealerships new insight into helping them better personalize their interactions with consumers online and […]

Turning Tax Refunds into Down Payments

Money laid over the top of a tax refund form

With tax season upon us and consumers starting to receive their tax refunds, dealerships should be prepared to harness this time of year as an opportunity to turn those tax refunds into down payments on new vehicles.  As more and more people receive a tax refund every year, it is predicted that approximately two thirds […]

To Text or Not to Text – Is Your Dealership Taking Advantage of Text Communication?

Business man standing at the window and texting

Everyone texts these days, well at least, almost everyone. According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, more than 1.9 trillion text messages are sent in the United States every year! With texting leading the forefront of the communications industry – how are you communicating with your customers and potential clients? If your dealership is not […]

Good News for Used Car Dealers and Buyers

back of cars parked at car dealership

The cost of new vehicles is climbing more and more very year. If you are in the market for a brand new car or truck, you will be faced with a hefty price tag. While this may be bad news to a new car buyer, it presents a different picture to those consumers who may […]

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