Auto Lead Providers That Deliver

We are an established auto dealer lead provider that has an excellent understanding of the type of lead which dealerships need in order to enjoy a high conversion rate. That is why, when you turn to us for your leads, you can expect to receive the details of people who actually want what you have to offer. Because they will have responded proactively through our domains or as a result of our direct mailing, you can be assured that they genuinely are looking for a new car with affordable financing.

Our company uses domain names that are specifically chosen for their appeal to drivers who are looking to buy a new car, but suspect that they will have problems in obtaining the necessary financing to do so. The domains respond well to the popular search terms which such individuals use, resulting in our sites returning highly in search engine results when individuals are searching for sub-prime financing for a car, SUV or similar vehicle. We regularly update our domains, ensuring they remain fresh and engaging to both your (and our) target audience and to the search engines.

In addition to our online presence, we also conduct regular direct mail campaigns, encouraging people who wish to purchase a new vehicle using sub-prime financing to get in touch. By using a variety of different marketing mediums, we are able to access a wider audience, including those people who have poor or periodic access to the Internet. Our aim is to use the language and media forms which most appeal to those motorists in need of a fresh vehicle, who may not have access to a lot of savings from which to pay for their next ride, or who are concerned about the likelihood of obtaining financing.

We personalize what we do, enabling each potential customer to enjoy a local connection with their nearby dealership. When you obtain your leads from us, we are happy to let you use our vanity domains as part of your advertising. When customers contact us through our sites or via our direct mail marketing, we will pass them on to your dealership, along with contact details for your team. This not only makes the transfer of each lead as smooth as possible, it also customizes the experience for each customer – an important consideration when it comes to establishing a good customer-dealership relationship from the outset.

Auto Dealer Lead Provider That Targets for Success!

The system we operate provides customers and dealers with the interaction they need for mutual success. Our domains and direct mail are targeted to appeal to potential customers who are eager to buy a new vehicle, but who are worried that they will not be able to get the necessary credit to do so. We match them with nearby dealerships who are able to provide a new car as well as a suitable form of financing. To apply, customers fill in a simple questionnaire, which is enough to give dealerships the information they need to decide if they can, in principle, offer financing. If they can, their details are passed to the customer, who then gets in touch with a view towards visiting the dealership in order to get their new car. The process results in a mutually satisfactory outcome for both customer and dealership, providing the former with a new vehicle and the latter with some valuable business.

Most dealerships focus on traditional advertising and marketing techniques, however to really see a change in sales and increase their client base, dealers need to rethink their marketing campaigns and focus on new opportunities to increase their sales.

While traditional financing options only target a percentage of consumers, offering subprime auto financing options to customers with less than perfect credit, can help a car dealership to expand their business reach and increase revenue and sales by tapping into a new and extended customer base. This large portion of the population has until recently, been overlooked for potential sales and financing options. Subprime auto loans—which charge higher interest rates to consumers that are considered a high risk - offers a solution to the consumer with bad or no credit, and to a dealership in a sales slump.

Credible Sub-Prime Auto Leads To Dealerships

One of the challenges for dealerships is to find leads which are actually reasonable prospects to convert into sales. All too often, leads obtained through generic marketing turn out not to be suitable for a sale. From a lack of commitment on the part of the potential buyer through to the inability of the dealership to provide the financing needed, there are all manner of reasons why potential leads can fail. We take some of the risk out of the lead process by pre-vetting your leads before you receive them.

Our leads have already filled in basic information about themselves, enabling potential lenders not only to conduct initial checks for viability, but also demonstrating that the buyer is committed enough to spend time applying for financing through the questionnaire on our sites. This process means that by the time the prospective buyers are actually in touch with the dealership, they are already well on the way to completing the deal for a new vehicle. Our leads are people who are worried that they will not be approved for suitable financing; and generally are enormously relieved when they find a dealership prepared to consider them. Our methods nearly always ensure high conversion rates and a good ROI, particularly in comparison with less targeted forms of marketing.

CyberLead is one of the best auto lead providers in the automotive internet lead industry. If your marketing and advertising techniques have been less than effective, it may be time to consider an auto lead generation company to assist you with your auto lead generation. Remember that the more leads you get, the more potential sales you will have.

We are widely regarded by dealerships across the country, due to the caliber of the leads which we provide. Due to our pre-vetting process, we ensure that the dealerships we work with only receive leads which stand a realistic prospect of success. Any outliers who are unlikely to be eligible for credit, or who are otherwise unsuitable, are eliminated through the initial questionnaire results. This means that dealerships receive information about genuine prospects who are proactively seeking a new vehicle and who are eager to find a financial package for which they are eligible. These factors mean a good outcome is highly likely.

Cyberlead has been successfully helping dealerships across the country with auto loan leads for over fifteen years. Established in 2002, their goal is to increase sales for dealers that focus on subprime customers by generating potential and highly credible customers and auto leads through their successful domains. They are highly successful automotive internet lead providers used by dealerships throughout the United States.

By developing relationships with dealers throughout the country, CyberLead is also able to help the subprime consumer. After filling out an online application (a very simple process that takes only one minute to complete) on one of the CyberLead affiliated websites, the customer is contacted within twenty four hours by a dealership that can offer them the vehicle they want and the auto loan or other financing options that they need. They don’t have to worry about their low credit score, they will get the financing they need for a new or used car.