Automobile DealershipIf you own an automotive dealership and you are interested in finding new ways to market your business and increase sales, as a result of the advancements in today’s technology there are many exciting new options.

Many auto dealers today have an online presence complete with a website that features their current inventory and the latest specials. Maybe you send the occasional email blast and direct mailer out to your customers.  These tactics however, are only half the battle in our hyper-connected world, which requires you to keep up with potential customers on every step of their vehicle-buying journey.

If your automotive marketing techniques are not bringing in the customers and the sales that you would like to see, it may be time to consider marketing to potential customers in a new way.  According to Dealer, “If your dealership hasn’t created a completely functioning end-to-end digital retail workflow, start planning now. Entice and accommodate consumers who passively check out your website, and turn them into customers who begin their vehicle-buying journey online. All the while, keep in mind that different people navigate the vehicle-buying journey differently. Your ability to be flexible to individual digital desires is an ideal way to forge long-lasting customer relationships for the future.”

Use Your Website to Generate Car and Finance Leads

Your website is the digital door to your dealership. It’s the main ingredient for a successful online presence, marketing strategy, and lead generation tool. According to, There are several ways to utilize your website and have it convert web traffic into qualified leads. Here are a few recommendations to use the tool that you already have in your tool box:

  • Optimize every page with SEO keywords and conversion architecture.
  • Video content is great for catching attention. Create interviews with salespeople, virtual presentations of vehicles, customer testimonials, etc.
  • Generate email lists by giving free content or gifts in exchange for email addresses.

You also need to make sure that your website is mobile responsive. Mobile readership is becoming the norm today. Make sure your website is fully responsive to mobile browsers and formatting.  Without it, your dealership misses out on the web traffic it deserves.

Your own automotive website can be the key to generating more traffic!

Reconnect with Former CustomersOnline Lead Generation

Your sales team should always keep regular contact with past customers. Repeat business is one of the best lead sources to tap. Maybe they want to trade-in or have a child looking to purchase his first car. This type of contact can generate new car and auto finance business. There’s only one way to find out: you have to ask!  There are many simple ways to reconnect with customers and possibly generate new car leads. Here’s a few tips:

  • Target specific groups based on demographics, vehicle purchases, family size, etc.
  • Write personalized emails with promotions tailored to wants or needs.
  • Send a hand-written note through the mail with the promotion attached.

Referrals can also generate business.  If you have a strong referral program, it can generate more business. You can receive credible buying and financing leads if you have an engaging referral program.

Following up with lost prospects is also beneficial. Sales that almost happened a year ago could turn into the very promising auto leads of today. Every dealership has promising leads that dropped off the map. They came into the dealership, checked out the inventory, showed interest, but then left and never came back. Try to contact these people through email or a phone call. If you follow-up with a great offer, they (or someone they know) might be interested.

Your Pictures Should Stand Out

Pictures of the vehicles you sell are so important.  Whether they are featured n your website or in your marketing materials, your automobiles have to look outstanding. You can write about them all you want, but it’s the picture that will capture the attention of your prospects. Make sure your images are professionally done. The right angle, lighting, backdrop, color balance; these qualities make a difference for the visual experience.

Use Social Media

Engage audiences on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram with valuable content through blogging, videos, shared links, and opportunities to connect. This is internet and online lead generation at its best!  Salespeople also have a great opportunity to build relationships with customers on LinkedIn. This is a platform that makes it easy to network and get introduced to new people. A LinkedIn message is a good opportunity to turn your customers’ into referral sources. Ask to be introduced to his or her network and offer something in return for their support.

Have You Considered an Online Lead Generation Program?

Online lead generation can create business for your dealership. Through internet based car leads, your business can follow up with these potential customers and turn them into sales.

The main goal of online marketing is to attract customers who are ready to purchase a vehicle. Any customer can visit a website, but harnessing the customers who are truly interested in buying, is the goal of a successful lead generation company.  It pays to partner with an experienced online lead generation business because many dealerships find that they don’t have the expertise to do it themselves. According to The Marketing Insider Group, “High-quality lead generation is the top challenge for a large percentage of business marketers and they feel that lead generation outsourcing is much more efficient than generating leads in-house because of their expertise.”

An online lead generation company can generate leads in different ways. Today the most popular and effective lead generation strategies are accomplished through online lead generation programs. Cyberlead is a successful online lead generation company that effectively uses the internet to generate potential customers for automobile dealerships.

 Internet Based Car LeadsIf you use a company like Cyberlead, here’s what they can do for your car dealership.  CyberLead focuses on providing subprime customers as leads to dealerships who provide special financing options to customers in this category. They utilize a strong network of search engine-optimized domains that provide valuable subprime leads to dealerships.  Customers visit these websites looking for credit and financing options. Through the use of the online application process, subprime customers are vetted and credible auto loan leads are sent directly to a local car dealership.

In addition to providing these online leads, CyberLead also offers dealerships exclusive use of the industry’s best automotive lead domains. CyberLead has the best domain names that achieve top rankings on search engines like Google and Bing and Yahoo to achieve quality sales leads. These top domain names will produce the most credible auto finance leads.  Car dealerships can use the domain names in any form of advertising including print ads. The customer will complete an online loan application before they even visit their dealership, saving time and useless effort.

Online Lead Generation Programs Can Benefit the Dealer and the Customer

An online lead generation program can be a positive situation for both the buyer and the seller. A buyer can request information from businesses that offer the product or services that they are looking for and the seller is given the opportunity to pitch their product or service to someone who has given them permission and in the case of auto financing – has already been prequalified for a loan. In this case – the “buyer” is the consumer that is interested in a car and needs financing and the “seller” is your automobile dealership.

How Your Dealership Will Benefit from Internet Based Car Leads

Conversion rates on auto finance leads are much more successful than on cold contacts because the prospect is pre-qualified before you ever receive the lead. This is the major feature of successful lead generation businesses that prescreen leads through online applications, before sending them to dealerships.

Online lead generation is a successful and popular marketing tool used by auto dealerships around the United States today because it enables them to:

  • Take advantage of credible leads
  • Determine pricing on a per lead basis
  • Select the geographical area that they are interested in
  • Budget the number of leads they wish to receive per month
  • Pay only for the leads that are received


Lead generation through the internet is an effective tool that can increase car sales for your business.

Trust the Experts

When it comes to a successful lead generation program it pays to partner with the professionals.  A reputable lead generation company can get you the best leads.

Cyberlead is an established and experienced lead generation business that generates potential subprime customers for hundreds of auto dealerships throughout the country. CyberLead Inc. utilizes a strong network of search engine-optimized domains (such as that provide valuable subprime leads to dealerships. As an added benefit, dealerships may use these vanity domains as part of their advertising campaigns – which helps to boost their business.

Dealerships across the country have trusted Cyberlead to help them expand their customer base and market their business for fifteen years. To expand your business reach and increase your revenue contact the experts at Cyberlead at 1-844-257-5323 or visit