6 Top Automotive CRMs & How They Can Change Your Dealership


If you are a car dealer and you are looking for a tool or strategy to improve your operation, then, the customer relationship management (CRM) software for car dealerships is the best app for you. With the advent of the Internet, an automotive CRM allows auto dealers like you to manage your operations smoothly and boost your sales.

In the early days, car dealers used different marketing strategies like emotional phone calls and newspaper advertising to attract the attention of prospective buyers.

Thanks to auto CRMs, buyers can now look for potential cars to buy at your website before visiting your dealership.

What is an Automotive CRM?

As the term suggests, an automotive CRM is software primarily intended for car dealerships to manage their interactions and relationships with existing customers and prospective clients.

Auto CRMs also enables vehicle dealers to track their interaction with customers via different touchpoints like emails, search engines, contact forms, social media, and phone calls.

Benefits of Auto CRM Software to Car Dealerships

Investing in software for your car dealership can be the best decision you’ve made as a dealer. Here are some ways the software can help in managing your business and improve your relationships with customers:

  • Allows potential buyers to browse the vehicle models at your site and select the right one before visiting your store
  • Enhances engagement with customers through online communication months before the actual purchase
  • Enables dealerships to provide speedy and friendly service for the best-personalized customer experience
  • Minimizes cases of missed leads as dealers can always look in the CRM and follow up with the client to pursue and complete the deal
  • Allows your salespeople to automate the distribution of leads. It also automates the management of scheduled tasks and appointments with customers
  • Facilitates the scheduling of test drive requests from potential clients. It also provides an automatic confirmation email and adds the lead to your daily schedule
  • Helps manage the automobile delivery process

Best Automotive CRM Software on the Market

To help you in choosing the best auto CRMs for your car dealership, we reviewed some of the best in the market today. Here are our reviews:


DealerSocket automotive CRM app helps you in monitoring your performance and track staff efficiencies. It also automates your communication with customers and your lead follow-up system.

Furthermore, the software allows your salespeople to manage all their tasks through their mobile devices. It also provides the analytics needed for informed marketing decisions.

DealerSocket is headquartered in Irving, Texas. Contact information: Sales: 844-361-3473; Customer Support: 888-988-6444


  • User-friendly
  • Automatic lead follow-up system
  • Optimal communications with customers
  • Good customer support


  • Cost


Do you want an affordable and easy-to-use CRM for your dealership? AutoRaptor is a powerful system with features like process automation, mobile access, lead management, and advanced data mining capability.

Furthermore, the CRM allows users to customize their workflows and reports. The app also enables your salespeople to send bulk text messages. The tool also has sales trend reporting and forecasting capability.

Finally, the CRMs other features include built-in telephony, DMS sales data integration, and inventory feed.

You can contact AutoRaptor at (888) 421-6533.


  • User-friendly
  • Good customer support
  • Customization capability


  • Lacks built-in desking

Elead CRM

Elead is an independent automotive CRM that features both variable and fixed operations. The feature allows dealerships to manage and optimize the customers’ experience.

Furthermore, the app has its business development center (BDC) that enables car dealers to manage their marketing strategies effectively. With its BDC, dealerships can implement their outbound and inbound contact management plans easily.

Also, the CRM is recommended by the top dealership management systems (DMS) suppliers like Dealertrack.

Elead1One is headquartered in Valdosta, Georgia. You can contact the company at: Sales: (855) 984-9470; Customer Support: (877) 859-0195.


  • Balanced features
  • Proprietary BDC
  • User-friendly
  • Customer support


  • None

Dealer Lead Track

Dealer Lead Track is an efficient and affordable CRM lead management system for any type of automotive dealership. As a matter of fact, the CRM covers all types of vehicles like cars, motorcycles, heavy trucks, and recreational vehicles (RV).

Among the features of the CRM are prospect scoring, lead management, and calendar reminders. Also, the app includes scripted email templates such as warranty and lease-mileage follow-ups to market to existing clients.

Furthermore, multi-vehicle dealerships can benefit largely from the system because of its additional databases for different kinds of vehicles.

Dealer Lead Track is located in Marietta, Georgia. You can contact the company at telephone numbers 800-385-3584 and 404-436-2757.


  • User-friendly
  • Dealership-focused scripted emails
  • Ideal for multi-vehicle dealerships
  • Affordability


  • Absence of features like VIN and driver’s license scanning

DealerMine CRM

DealerMine is an automotive CRM provider offering a complete solution for your car dealership. In fact, the app adopts a holistic approach aimed at optimizing the customers’ experience.

Among the features of the system are online scheduling, service and sales CRM, mobile access, and BDC. It also has desking, telephony, social media, and the FETCH report generator for more effective sales campaigns.

DealerMine is headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada. You can contact the company at 1-800-304-3341 and info@dealerminecrm.com.


  • Customer support
  • User-friendly
  • Holistic package


  • None

Dominion Vision CRM

Vision CRM combines a conventional auto CRM with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to meet the needs of both single and multi-store dealerships. As of a matter of fact, the system employs the CRM Suite technology in combination with Dominion Dealer Solutions’ digital marketing and data-mining software.

The app also features the Olivia virtual assistant to assist car salesmen in determining how and when to best engage with each client. Furthermore, the assistant is continuously learning how to optimize emails, videos, text messages, and voice mails to improve customer engagement.

You can contact the company at telephone number 877-421-1040 or through email at dealersuccess@drivedominion.com.


  • Holistic package
  • Customer support
  • User-friendly
  • Modern communication tools


  • None


The competition in the automotive market is getting tougher. Gain a competitive advantage by integrating an automotive CRM app into your system.

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