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6 Top Automotive CRMs & How They Can Change Your Dealership
December 5, 2019
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Automotive Sales Training Roadmap: The Successful Path to Closing the Sale

Automotive Sales Training Roadmap: The Successful Path to Closing the Sale 2

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Automotive sales training is what turns those all-important subprime auto leads into actual, paying clients. In such a high-risk, high-reward industry like car sales, you don’t want to risk losing the massive potential of those leads. Just how significant is that potential? Take a look at the following numbers:

  • According to J.D. Power, car spending in the US will hit a record-breaking $462 billion.

How much of that is going to your dealership? The truth is that people in your area are buying more cars than ever, and you have to make sure that they’re buying from you. This part is where the importance of automotive sales training comes in.

Get your car sales training strategy right, and you’ll find yourself replenishing your showroom with new stock. Fall short, and your tight profit margins can be almost impossible to overcome.

The good news is that excellent automotive sales strategies can be learned. With the right automotive sales training, you can create an all-star team of sales staff that know exactly how to turn those leads into closed deals.

Does Your Sales Staff Know the Car Buying Process?

Accenture surveyed 10, 000 car buyers, and discovered that the average customer spent 13 to 15 hours shopping for a vehicle before writing a check. They spend those hours researching the car they want, from new versus used car comparisons to true market value, and price comparisons and quotations per dealership.

This information means they already have an idea of what they want before they even set foot in your dealership! Closing the deal depends on how your salespeople handle the car buying process. Here’s a quick look at the ideal steps from the moment your prospect enters your dealership and beyond:

  • Car sales meet and greet
  • Discovering and determining the unique needs of the client
  • Car sales walk-around
  • The test drive
  • Discovery process after the test drive
  • Discussing and negotiating the sale
  • Closing the sale
  • Accomplishing the paperwork and financing
  • Delivering the car
  • Aftersale

One mistake in any of these steps, and you’ve instantly lost a potential client and sale. With the right automotive sales training, your staff will be able to nail each step, provide an exceptional experience to your clients, and hit those sales targets time after time.  

Successful Car Salespeople are Made, Not Born

Very few people enter school dreaming of selling cars. Most people in the car sales profession stumbled into the car sales career instead of deliberately pursuing it. Therefore, when you hire a member of your sales staff, they’re either entirely inexperienced, or they’re just winging it through trial and error.

Both situations are an excellent starting point for automotive sales training. However, it would be best if you built separate training programs for these two types of salespeople:

  • New Hire Sales Training Program

This one is the type of automotive training program that you want every new hire to undergo. The purpose is to give your sales staff the same core foundation. Whether they’re total newbies or experienced sales reps, you want every single member of your team to have a firm understanding of how your dealership handles sales.

  • Continuing Education Sales Training Program

Automotive sales training is a continuing process. It would help if you looked at the strengths and weaknesses of your existing sales team. Some will need additional product knowledge training, while others may need to sharpen their persuasive skills. Either way, a continuing education sales training program will help your salespeople stay at the top of their game.

In addition, the automotive industry is continuously shifting. A continuing education sales training program is your chance to update your sales staff about compliance changes and new marketing best practices.

Combine these two types of programs, and you’ll have a powerhouse team that has a strong sales foundation and never stops improving.

Auto Sales Training Programs You Can Start Today

How you go about implementing these programs will depend on several factors such as:

  • The training budget of your dealership
  • Internal resources
  • Technical know-how

If you don’t have an in-house training staff, you can bring outside sales experts to lead your car sales training program. Some tech-savvy dealerships prefer online learning modules, while some go the traditional route with a conventional two-hour speech.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to car sales training. The key is to customize your training program to what fits your dealership. No matter which training path you choose, make sure the delivery engaging and interactive. Don’t waste yours and your staff’s time by boring them with a flat, monotonous talk that lasts for hours.

Below are some ways to actively engage your salespeople during training:

  • Group instruction to foster interaction and team spirit
  • Enact real-life sales situations using the buddy system
  • Try role-playing so they can experience both sides of the car sales process
  • Incorporate videos to capture their interest

Ready to get started with your auto sales training program? Use the following program ideas to craft a unique approach based on the needs of your dealership:

  • Compliance Awareness

Teach your staff about the TCPA, the CAN-SPAM Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other areas of the car sales process that require strict compliance.

  • E-mail Training

Involves how to use and customize CRM templates, and proper e-mail grammar and etiquette.

  • CRM Training

Builds upon e-mail training, so salespeople understand how to enhance the customer experience by leveraging CRM and developing personalized interactions.

  • Telephone Training

The team will practice how to handle various types of incoming calls, execute outgoing calls, the ideal times to call, and cold calling techniques.

  • About the Dealership

Every member of the sales staff should know everything about your dealership, from its history, internal process, hierarchy and current employees, and details about how things are run.

  • Closing the Deal

Learn the critical techniques and language that leads to closing the deal.

  • Customer Demographics

Salespeople need to have a deep understanding of what their customers want and need. This program includes studying each customer demographic and determining how they prefer to receive information and go through the car buying process.

  • Management Training

This training program is all about how employees can move up the ladder from salesperson to sales manager.

  • Bringing in Business

Your team members will learn the art of prospecting and how to market themselves.

  • Overcoming Objections

Objections are part and parcel of selling cars. Salespeople should know how to break down common barriers to guide customers to a sale.

  • Negotiation

Share tips about negotiating effectively with customers.

  • Product Knowledge

Develop product knowledge in your salespeople, including auto industry market trends plus every detail about the car models and makes you offer in your dealership.

The program topics above are not divided into the continuing education and new hire categories since you can tailor them to appeal to either group.

For the Compliance Awareness program, for example, new hires can focus on dealership compliance 101, or the basics of agreement. For existing salespeople, this program can focus more on updating them on recent compliance changes and issues. Feel free to customize the program as you see fit.

Closing the Deal: It All Begins with Quality Subprime Auto Leads

Ultimately, securing subprime auto leads is where it all begins. Leads allow you to discover people that actually need your dealership services. Leave the hard work to Cyberlead, your team of established auto lead generators.

We will use our diverse network of websites that are expertly designed to attract people who are looking for subprime lending. Through our proven techniques, we will build a direct bridge between you and the people who are worried about getting auto financing. Once we turn over these leads, the rest is up to you – this is where you apply your automotive sales training program to nurture the lead and turn it into a closed deal!

How it Works:

  • We identify potential leads through our highly-ranked web properties.
  • We incorporate relevant keywords to make sure our websites rank high on major search engines.
  • We deliver the lead to you in the industry-standard ADF format. Expect complete and accurate details for every lead.
  • We will provide you with our proprietary Dealer Management System (DMS) for FREE. Track and work your leads with ease using our DMS.
  • Send automatic response e-mails through the DMS.
  • Send a postcard mailer containing all the details of your dealership in the direct e-mail marketing phase.
  • Send back any lead for credit for a refund, provide they fall under qualified reasons.

That’s it! Through our carefully-designed process, Cyberlead has helped numerous dealerships accelerate their sales. The program pays for itself after you close one deal! On average, our dealers close 8%-10% of their deals. For more details on how to get high-quality subprime leads, call Cyberlead, Inc. at 1-866-311-5323 today.

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