Steady Business: How Dealers Can Land More Subprime Car Loan Customers in This Economic Shift


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Did you know that the average American household can’t afford to purchase a new car, and that consumers carry close to $1.2 trillion in auto loans and leases?

We’re living in uncertain economic times. Consumers are making fewer big purchases, and some people in need of a new car can’t afford to take on another traditional loan.

A subprime auto loan can give people a simple path to car ownership, but many aren’t aware that it’s a financial option.

Are you curious about how you can land more customers through subprime auto loans? Read on to learn more!

The Subprime Auto Loan Defined

A subprime loan is a type of loan offered at a slightly above average interest rate to people that don’t qualify for regular rate loans.

A subprime auto loan can make anyone’s car ownership dreams a reality. People with low credit scores or spotty credit histories can easily qualify for subprime loans to get the car they need.

With subprime auto loans, everyone comes out a winner. Customers can walk away with a brand new and reliable car, and salesmen can still make their quotas.

The Two Main Benefits Of Subprime Auto Loans

Subprime loans may be a win-win situation for your dealership and buyers, but some people worry about taking on more debt.

Subprime loans can be misunderstood and viewed as risky investments, but they aren’t much different from regular loans. You may need to educate potential buyers on the benefits of subprime auto finance.

When you’re talking to customers, be sure to mention these simple, yet important, benefits of subprime auto loans.

Improve Credit Scores

Having a bad credit score can be a real Catch-22 situation for people. You can’t improve your credit score without having lines of credit, and you can’t get loans or credit cards because people don’t want to lend to you.

The subprime loan they use to buy their car could be the key to finally improving their credit score.

As long as car buyers make their payments on time, they’ll be able to slowly raise their score. They’ll have the car they need and be able to improve their credit at the same time!

No Hassle Application

Some of your buyers may be on the fence about a subprime auto loan because they’re convinced that they won’t qualify for them.

After being denied loan after loan, it can be easy to get discouraged. That’s why you need to let potential buyers know about how simple and fast the subprime loan application process can be.

Let them know that the process takes a matter of minutes, and that people with extremely low credit scores get approved every day.

Your Turn

Now that you know how a subprime auto loan can benefit your customers, it’s time to start selling them!

We have access to  subprime auto loan leads. Be sure to contact us so you can learn about how our leads can help your dealership.

While you’re waiting to hear from us, be sure to check out some of our educational blog content. Get ready to help out your new subprime loan customers by reading our post about the life cycle of the typical subprime auto loan.

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