The Lifecycle of a Subprime Auto Loan: From Lead Generation to Signed Contract


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The process of buying a car can be looked at as a “life-cycle”, as there are definite stages involved in each automobile purchase. These stages begin with the mere thought of purchasing a new vehicle and ultimately conclude with consumer signing a contract and driving out of a dealership with their new car. There are of course, several more steps or stages in between, but they all lead to the end result of a new car.

Subprime customers are no different than any other customer interested in buying a vehicle, but the process can be a little different for a consumer with less than perfect credit. Because not all financing and auto loan options are clear to this population of consumers, we would like to highlight the lifecycle of a subprime auto loan that is originated from a simple online search engine.

Stage 1 – Research

The consumer is interested in a vehicle but fears they will not obtain any financing because they have bad credit. Tired of being denied by dealers in the past, they research vehicles and find something they are interested in online. In an attempt to find out what financing options are available to them, they search on the internet for car financing and auto loan options.

Stage 2 – Application

They find a website that offers special financing options for consumers with bad or no credit. They take a few minutes to fill out the simple online application with all of their information. They submit their application. The application is reviewed by a professional and experienced car loan and auto financing lead provider and forwarded to a reputable dealership that is located in the vicinity of the consumer.

Stage 3 – Dealer Contact

Within 24 hours, the customer is contacted by a local automobile dealership with the car they are interested in and options for financing. After an informative discussion, they make an appointment to go into the dealership to view the vehicle and sign paperwork for financing.

Stage 4 – Inspecting the Vehicle and Signing Contracts

The consumer meets with a salesperson to inspect the vehicle of their choice and review all financing options and paperwork. Once all details are agreed upon, the contract is signed and the vehicle is sold.

Stage 5 – Driving Away

This is by far the best (and final) stage of the car buying process. After the contract is signed and the customer has received the necessary financing they need to purchase the vehicle, they drive away in their new car!

Through consumers with bad or no credit can obtain the financing that they need to purchase a vehicle. They have partnerships with reputable auto dealerships across the nation that can offer car loans and new or used car financing to consumers with less than perfect credit.

Cyberlead is an established and experienced business that generates potential subprime customers for hundreds of auto dealerships throughout the country. CyberLead Inc. utilizes a strong network of search engine-optimized domains (such as that provide valuable subprime leads to dealerships. As an added benefit, dealerships may use these vanity domains as part of their advertising campaigns. Dealerships across the country have trusted Cyberlead to help them expand their customer base and market their business for fifteen years. To expand your business reach and increase your revenue contact the experts at Cyberlead at 1-844-257-5323.

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