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When most people think about the summer they think about adventure and fun. It’s a more laid back time filled with family vacations, barbecues, days at the beach and relaxation.  While many potential customers are in a more positive state of mind during the summer months, it’s your job to answer one question for potential customers: how will your products make their life better and easier?

A successful car dealership should take advantage of this time of year to promote sales and align their advertising efforts with the season.  An article on explains that making the most of the summer months by focusing your marketing efforts on seasonal sales can really give your dealership a boost and a head start on the fall season when you are trying to move your end of year inventory.

Following are some advertising ideas to help your car dealership boost summertime sales.

Leverage Social Media for Summer Promotions and Deals

Social media is one of the best and most successful marketing techniques to advertise current promotions and events. Daily posts can reach hundreds to thousands of potential buyers. Facebook has been a game changer for car dealerships. It gives a voice to businesses and it allows targeted ads, which are measurable and efficient. Utilize Instagram and Twitter as well to promote any summer specials that you may be running.  Always include quality photos of your vehicles and include people in the photos so viewers can “picture themselves” driving your vehicles.

Get Involved in Community Events

The summer months create great opportunities to connect with local communities. Consider your sponsorship budget and plan to support activities that expose your dealership’s brand and mission.  If you don’t have a specific charity or community cause that you are currently involved with, following are some organizations or events to consider:

  • Sponsor a local little league team (branded t-shirts and equipment can help too)
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry or other community center or make a substantial donation
  • Have a presence at outdoor community events (concerts, fundraisers, races, parades, etc.)

Be sure to use social media to promote any events that you may be involved with.

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Create and Link to Summer Themed Videos

Videos are the main way that most people consume information these days. Create summer themed videos to promote your vehicles or events. Even a simple video is all about creating content that is getting in front of an audience. Share those videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and watch the views grow.

Offer Summer Related Giveaways

People love giveaways and the summer provides a great time to get creative with them.  Water bottles, Frisbees, coolers and other simple items are a great way to lure people into your dealership.  Add some music (hire a DJ for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon), barbecue a few hot dogs, and add some balloons and people will wonder what is going on as they drive by. Don’t forget to promote it on social media!

Whether you run your marketing on a tight budget or have an extra stash just for summer promotions, take advantage of these and other car dealership advertising ideas to make the season an unforgettable one.

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