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Thanks to the internet, customers today are extremely informed. Before setting foot into a retail store, business, or even your car dealership, most consumers know all they need to know about a specific product or automobile. All product information is at their fingertips including cost, statistics, performance evaluations, customer reviews and more.

Consumers can immediately look up competitors online to see alternative offers and services, and they often can go to a website that already makes these comparisons for them. With online customer reviews, they can see any unfavorable (and favorable) experiences that other customers have had with that company or product. According to an article on, “Customers these days are too intelligent”. Customers in our day and age are spoiled with access to information, largely as a result of the internet — which can make the tasks of the salesman, and also the marketer, much more challenging than before.”

Marketing (with the intent of selling) to today’s well-informed consumer requires an approach that acknowledges their access to information. The average consumer of today is more educated now than in any other time in history, and consequently, they can be more difficult to convince. So how can you adjust your marketing techniques to engage the well-informed consumer and turn them into a buying customer?

Let’s face it; a well-informed consumer is actually a great thing for the automobile industry. A customer that has already done research and comparisons and comes in to buy or lease a car is one that wants to sign the deal that day. If your website has provided them with accurate and reliable information that they need, you shouldn’t have to convince them of anything else. Customers want transparency – and if you provide the same information as your website – you will make the sale.

Couple In Car Dealership with Car Sales ProfessionalIf customers are doing most of their research and shopping cars online beforehand – then one of the most important things your dealership can do is to have a great website. An engaging website can be the key to attract, engage, and convert your web visitors into buying customers. According to Auto Dealer, “Nearly half of all buyers visited the website of the dealership where they purchased or leased a vehicle. It is critical that dealership websites are user-friendly, compelling, consistent across devices and accurately reflect the pricing, incentives services, and amenities that are offered when the consumer visits the brick-and-mortar dealership.”

If you want to wow the well- informed consumer, your website should dynamic. If you think it is time to modernize your website, it may be time for a redesign. Working with an experienced digital marketing company can help to make the difference between visitors and sales. An experienced team of web designers, content writers, SEO specialists, and social media experts can redesign your current website using effective marketing strategies and digital design concepts that will achieve results.

To remain competitive in today’s automobile industry, car dealerships (and businesses in every industry) must find new and innovative ways to increase their business and market to this new population of well-informed consumers. If your dealership also markets to subprime customers, CyberLead, Inc. can help with high quality, credible auto lead generation programs. For details call 866-347-0607.

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