Valuable Consumer Insight for Car Dealers


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At the end of 2017, compiled an Annual Car Buyer Insights Report that captured key buyer, dealer and consumer information for the automotive industry.

Dealers and consumers were surveyed, data was collected and the report was compiled to give automotive dealerships new insight into helping them better personalize their interactions with consumers online and in the showroom.

Following are some of the key takeaways from that report.

Customers Prefer to be Contacted by Email

Email is still the preferred method of contact, with 68% of customers preferring email, 25% would like to be texted and only 7% want a phone call.

If an online visitor says they prefer to be contacted by email, reach out to them first by email before picking up the phone to dial their number.

Best Ways to Earn Your Customers’ Business

33% of customers are lured by incentives and discounts, 27% by good financing options, 21% want no hassle communication and 19% just want a quick and easy purchase experience.

Saving money is still the most important factor when it comes to buying a car and choosing a dealership.

When Are Consumers Ready to Buy?

Consumers in the middle of the car shopping process were surveyed and 34% said they were ready to buy immediately. 27% responded within two weeks, 17% in a month, 14% with three months and 8% responded that they were not going to buy anytime soon.

These results confirmed that most showing car buyers want to make a fairly quick decision about purchasing a vehicle when they visit your website or your showroom.

Safety is Still Priority

Safety is still the number one feature that consumers are looking for when they shop for a vehicle. 65% rank safety as their top feature, followed by fuel efficiency at 62%, warranty and customer service at 47% and design at 45%. Only 29% of consumers purchase a vehicle based solely on its make.

Price falls in the middle with 44% of consumers choosing a car for a fair and affordable price.

Most Website Visitors are New Customers

74% of visitors to a dealer’s website have never bought a car from them before.  Therefore, only about a quarter of consumers visiting your website are existing customers.

Dealers need to find ways to educate these new consumers about what makes their dealership different and unique. In addition, an online interactive “New Customer Welcome” can help guide your visitors with the next steps in their car buying process and prove to them that your dealership is here to help.

Dealerships need to take control of their marketing efforts and dealer incentives by listening to their customers and the average “car shopper”. The results of this report provide some valuable information and an opportunity for dealers to analyze their own business practices and make any necessary changes.

To remain competitive in today’s automobile industry, car dealerships must listen to the changing wants and needs of the modern customer.  They need to constantly find new and innovative ways to increase their business and positively market to consumers.

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