Real-Time Subprime Leads for Car Salesman to Boost Your Sales Pipeline

All Subprime Leads are Backed by Cyberleads 100% Quality Guarantee

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We Sell Directly To Sales Reps

1 Deal Pays For The Program

Closing one deal from your lead count for the month can immediately get you producing a profit.

Pay As You Go

Like a pre-paid cell phone.  You pay for your leads upfront and therefore have no long term agreements.

CRM Specifically for You

We offer a comprehensive CRM in order to track your progress, send mass emails and more.

Leads Sent Directly To Your Email

Instantly receive an e-mail once a subprime lead comes in and begin working it immediately.

Local Leads Based On Income & Radius

Select the income bracket, zip codes or radius you are looking to target and we will deliver those exact leads to you.

Frequently Asked Questions of Our Salesman Leads Program

How long to activate my account and start receiving leads?

Your account is generally set-up the same day and you can start receiving leads as well in that time period.  

Will this interfere with the dealerships marketing?

Our marketing and ability to produce leads in your area does not interfere in anyway with the marketing efforts either done by you or the dealership.  Customers come directly to our sites through our own marketing strategies.

Do you offer any free trials or testing of the program?

We do offer promotions at numerous times throughout the year.  Please contact us to learn more about current promotions.

What is the closing ratio of your leads?

Through our experience we see roughly an 8-10% closing ratio.  There are numerous factors that play into this as some salesman perform much better than this overall. 

Is training or support offered? How do I contact you?

Every account is provided a direct sales representative to work with and will walk through any and all features at any time.  You will provided their direct extension and email as well.  

What if I receive a bad lead? Do I get a refund?

We absolutely credit back all leads that are sent back in a timely manner with explanation as to why it is bad.

Have Additional Questions About Our Services?

Give Us A Call: (866) 311-5323

Our sales representatives are available during normal business hours (9AM-6PM EST) to answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to contact us via the form to the right as well and a representative from our team will contact you in a timely fashion.